Carl Sassenrath - Background Info

  • Roku, Principal Engineer. Design and development of streaming video set-top boxes, television sets, and more.

  • REBOL, President. Head of design and development of advanced new software systems for distributed inter-communications.

  • VIScorp, Consulting Director of Software. Chief designer and project manager of system software development for next generation Amiga based boxes.

  • VideoStream, Inc., Vice President of Product Development. Pioneering next generation interactive television technology for broadband systems.

  • Pantaray, Inc., President. Developed a range of products, including the CDTV (Commodore's consumer based CD-ROM system), the VISCorp Cable Box Operating System, CD-ROM simulation, premastering, and optimization tools, one of the first non-linear digital video editors, and the first motion video from CD-ROM (CDXL).

  • American Multimedia, President. A new venture directed toward introducing CD-ROM multimedia into employee training departments for the top corporations in the US. We focused on technology to provide simple, TV-style, motion video user interfaces from CD-ROM.

  • Sassenrath Research, President. Programming and consulting company. Wrote the main development tools for the Epyx Handy (Atari Lynx hand-held game machine), created Amiga Logo, wrote the book: Guru's Guide to the Commodore Amiga, and other code for Electronic Arts, VPL, Commodore, ...

  • Apple Computer Advanced Technology Group, Technology Manager, Headed the development of next generation object-oriented operating system and program execution environments. (Cray Supercomputer)

  • Commodore Amiga, Inc., Manager of Operating Systems. Designed and implemented one of the first Multitasking Operating Systems for personal computers. The design included pre-emptive multitasking, message based communications, dynamically loading libraries and devices, interrupt system.

  • Next Generations Systems, President. Designed and coprogrammed the NGS Forth programming system for the IBM PC.

  • Hewlett Packard, Computer Group, Software Engineer. Developed one of the first graphically oriented user interfaces (1982) utilizing a bit mapped display, icons, fonts, a mouse, and remote procedure calls (RPC). Also responsible for the development of HP3000 operating systems (MPE).

  • National Science Foundation. Upper atmospheric physics research scientist at the South Pole, Antarctica.

  • University of California, Davis, Behavioral Biology Department. Wrote programs to model and simulate neurons, statistical analysis of behavior.

  • BS in Electrical Engineering, University of California, Davis. Specialized in computer systems.

  • KVIQ (ABC) Television. Technical director as part of commercial and news production departments, including live broadcast.

  • KEET (PBS) Television. Program switcher and cameraman.


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