Carl Sassenrath

Architect of Operating Systems and Languages

Introduced multitasking to the world of personal computers in 1985 with the Amiga Operating System Executive.

The creator of:

  • Amiga OS - Multitasking operating system (Commodore)
  • REBOL - A next generation computer language
  • IOS - Internet Operating System (business collaboration)
  • AltME - Alternative Messaging Environment (social network)
  • CDTV - World's first CD-ROM TV set-top box
  • ED TV - Viscorp set-top box operating system
  • Bay - Real-time motion video editor on a home computer
  • SimCD - CD-ROM maker/simulator (ISO 9660)
  • WIP Wiki - A powerful lean website engine
  • DevBase - BBS/Forum for REBOL developers (RebDev)
  • MakeDoc - A markdown language for docs, web authoring, wikis
  • NGS Forth - From Next Generation Systems
  • Amiga Logo - Programming language from Commodore


  • Amateur radio (ham): KB6ZST, extra class.
  • Amateur winemaker. Estate grown Merlot and Cabernet.
  • Amateur chicken farmer. Got to love them chickens.
  • Amateur dirt biker. I've got the trails.
  • Chairman of Television Improvement Association (TIA Ukiah)
  • Here's how to contact me.
  • History of Carl Sassenrath
  • I prefer AltME private chat, not email.

Also: I decided recently, after ten years of study, to finally pioneer a new path as an EM Truther -- What's that? Read my article: The Truth About Radio Waves. I'm going to start stirring this pot, if you know what I mean.

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